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Project Description

Deck and patio hardwood

Planchers Bellefeuille is proud to offer high quality exotic wood decking boards. Due to their high resistance to mold, their high density and the natural beauty that stems from their respective grain, Ipe and cumaru are our woods of choice.


Ipe is a Central and South America native hard wood. Planchers Bellefeuille imports their wood directly from Brazil, and seeks assurance of its controlled forests origin. Out ipe is therefore an environment-friendly option.

There is no doubt that ipe is the most recognized decking wood worldwide. The ipe tree is a very large, incredibly dense, and naturally mold, insect and rot resistant tree. It can perfectly be left without any treatment and a beautiful silver grey patina will develop with time. Applying oil will preserve its natural color and enhance its various brown, blond, red and green tones. These varying hues make for the unique richness of the ipe wood.

CUMARU: THE ECONOMIC CHOICE ( Not currently available)

Cumaru, also known as Brazilian teak, is a hard wood from Central and South America. Its density and appearance are very similar to those of ipe, with a coarser grain. The cumaru wood is slightly leaner than the ipe wood and some precautions are to be taken when installing it.

It’s orangy-yellow to reddish brown color, marked with fine dark patterns, make for its uniqueness. It’s natural mold resistance does not require any chemical treatment, and, just like the ipe, the cumaru exhibits great aging qualities and can withstand the harshest climates.

The abundance of cumaru wood results in much lower market prices. Cumaru is therefore cheaper than ipe.


Exotic woods are a logical solution for those who want their outdoor landscaping to be as beautiful and durable as possible. Treat yourself to a sophisticated outdoor atmosphere with Planchers Bellefeuille exotic woods.

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