Engineered hardwood floors

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Project Description

Engineered hardwood flooring

While hardwood floors are very much sought after for their appearance and their timeless aspect, their use is unfortunately not recommended for all areas and they should more specifically not be installed in areas exposed to high levels of humidity. To benefit from the same advantages and obtain the same magnificence as those of a hardwood floor, and this anywhere including humid places, installing an engineered floor is the inescapable option. Engineered harwood floor ideally enhance the appearance of a basement and bring a touch of refinement to a condo.

What is an engineered floor?

The engineered floor is the result of a manufacturing process that improves the stability of any type of wood. The floor is made of pressed wood, i.e. a pressurized assembly of wood fibers, with a thin top layer of hard wood on its surface. The sub-layers of the floor are plywood or HDF (High Density Fiberboard) multilayers. Because its manufacturing requires a smaller amount of wood than a hardwood floor, the engineered floor can be considered as environmentally friendlier.

Planchers Bellefeuille manufactures engineered hardwood floor

As a manufacturer, Planchers Bellefeuille produces a wide range of factory-made products, mainly made from maple, white oak and walnut. In addition to this selection, other excellent products are also available in store, such as, among others, Torly’s. Goodfellow, and Antique Impression products. It is therefore possible to obtain an engineered floor made from any type of wood, including exotic woods. Different installation methods are recommended according to the product chosen: floating, nailed or glued installation.

Product Specifics of engineered hardwood floor

The boards are generally 43/4 or 7 in. wide. However, because Planchers Bellefeuille is a manufacturer, we can provide boards in any width to meet our clients’ needs. The same goes for board thickness: although the usual thickness is of 12.7 or 19 mms, we can derogate from this standard and create floors that will meet any project specific requirements.

The Hardwood Collection can be used as a reference for color and species selection for your engineered floor, as we offer the same range for both floor types. Your engineered floor can also be made from exotic wood. The relative hardness of an engineered floor will be that of its top layer, i.e. that of the selected wood species.

  • Great stability
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Can be installed on any surface: concrete or plywood
  • Easy to maintain