Exterior torrefied wood cladding

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Project Description

Exterior torrefied wood

The new eco-friendly trend, urban look and clean lines

As a manufacturer, we prefer the American yellow poplar for our exterior torrefied wood cladding, and this not only for the beauty of its grain, but also for the superb, natural color variations shown on any single board. These variations range from a beautiful honey blond to dark brown, resulting in a sumptuous material that will enhance the beauty of any house and give it a refined look.

Torrefied wood contains no chemicals that may potentially be air, water or soil polluting, which makes it an environmentally responsible product.

The torrefaction process also endows the wood with a greater dimensional stability; the wood has a lesser tendency to retract or warp as a result of temperature and humidity variations. Torrefaction also adds to the biological quality of the wood by making it more resistant to fungus and rot because it destroys practically all of the cells and nutrients that insects and termites feed on.

What is torrefied wood?

Planchers Bellefeuille’s torrefied wood cladding stands out from competition because of our own factory-developed manufacturing process.

Raw wood purchase

It all begins with the purchase of raw wood, which is of course done responsibly; our wood originates exclusively from North America to ensure its uniformity and allow us to minimize our ecological footprint.

Conventional drying

Planchers Bellefeuille is equipped with 10 dryers for a total of over 520,000 pmp drying capacity. At this stage of the process, the yellow poplar is dried down to a humidity level of approximately 8%. Drying our wood in our factory allows us to maintain the humidity level down to a minimum, which guarantees a stable product.


Torrefaction is performed in a controlled atmosphere, oxygen-lean autoclave. The wood is therefore baked at a very high temperature (190 to 240o Celsius) in order to lower the humidity level to 0%. The wood then goes into a conditioning chamber where it will gradually be injected with water vapour so as to bring its humidity level back up to about 5%.

Our expertise in this field has led us to consider humidity regain as an essential factor in the manufacturing process of this type of cladding. The stocks of torrefied wood stored in our warehouse are maintained at quantity levels that enable us to benefit from a rather low turnover so that humidity may partly be regained naturally over a period of a few weeks. The wood is stored in our factory until it naturally regains its humidity up to approximately 8 to 10% at the end of the process. This allows the wood to regain some swelling before installation and this is why our torrefied wood claddings are renowned for their great dimensional stability.

Finishing options

Because the cladding will be installed outside, hence exposed to weather, it is recommended that a finishing product be applied. 3 coats of Woodplus 100% acrylic finish are therefore applied in our factory. Four base colors are available: caramel, espresso, dark chocolate and ebony. Of course, if these colors do not answer your needs, we can also develop other shades.

Product Specifics

Although the American yellow poplar is a favourite, other wood species and grades can be used on special order. Square 6″ or 6″ v-joint claddings are available, and in both cases installation can be made horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The boards will be delivered in an assortment of various lengths varying between 6 and 16 feet.

Care and maintenance

Torrefied wood is a living material and some maintenance will inevitably be required. Exposure to sunlight will damage the finishing coats over time, and a slight discoloration will generally appear after 2 to 3 years, at which time we recommend that a new coat of Woodplus finish be applied. For more details, please refer to our Installation Manual – Exterior Cladding.


  • Twenty-five (25) years against rot
  • Three (3) years on factory-applied Woodplus finish against crackling, chipping and peeling

  • Environmentally responsible
  • Attractive colors
  • Dimensional stability
  • Biological qualities, resistance to fungus and mold
Bois Torefie

Woodplus Caramel

Bois Torefie

Woodplus Expresso

Bois Torefie

Woodplus Dark Chocolate

Bois Torefie

Woodplus Ebony

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