Exterior wood cladding

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Project Description

Western red cedar
Torrefied yellow poplar
Spruce Cladding

Exterior wood cladding

Planchers Bellefeuille specializes in manufacturing durable exterior wood cladding. In order to minimize our ecological footprint, we only manufacture genuine wood claddings, with western red cedar, American yellow poplar and white pine.

Our wood supplies always come from controlled forests, as evidenced by our FSC certification.

100% wood claddings convey elegance to any house. We carry all possible cladding styles: country style, rustic, modern, contemporary, classic. Out claddings are always customized to suit our clients’ desires. Of course we also carry our own standard profiles, i.e. square 6″ or 6″ v-joint cladding, but we can also develop a particular profile on special order. In addition, while the usual board width is 6″, we can also provide other widths on special order. Even the finish is customizable: a sanded finish is often selected for refined projects, while raw or brushed finishes are preferred for more classic projects, although mixed textures perfectly match any exterior cladding project. Finally, the finishing coat can also be customized. For cedar and torrefied yellow poplar, we prefer semi-translucent finishing coats so as not to mask the magnificent wood grain. For pine, the finishing coat can be opaque, hybrid or semi-translucent.

Installation exterior siding guide
Technical spec sheet 6’’ square siding
Technical spec sheet 6’’ v-joint siding