Hardwood and metal staircase

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Project Description

Hardwood and metal staircase

Indoor hardwood staircases are now available in many materials, but none can outshine the legendary beauty of wood, a noble material, whose wide range of species and finishes will add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your home. In addition to manufacturing top quality products, Planchers Bellefeuille also offers the services of qualified and courteous specialists who provide sound advice to our customers and partner up with them towards the achievement of their project.

Planchers Bellefeuille manufactures hardwood staircase components

Planchers Bellefeuille has been manufacturing indoor hardwood staircase products and components for several years, and devotes all of its know-how and competencies to maintaining the highest quality in every project realization, for both standard and custom-made hardwood staircases. As a manufacturer, we take care of the production and manufacturing of all staircase components: treads, risers, stringers, posts and half-posts, balusters, handrails and nosings. We also work with top-quality products such as Prestige Métal to include metal components in staircase projects. This full coverage of products and services allows us to continuously deliver outstanding and impeccable products.

Planchers Bellefeuille is able to offer a wide range of products that will fit into any budget and will match any project small and big.

Species available

The various hardwood staircase components can be manufactured from several wood species:

  • Cherry
  • White oak
  • Red oak
  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Wild cherry
  • Walnut
  • Exotic species

Selecting the wood species will mainly depend on which look you desire. Wood grains greatly vary from one species to the next, but whatever your choice may be, you will obtain the refinement and warmth only wood can give.

Installing a staircase

Planchers Bellefeuille offers installation services for indoor hardwood staircases. Our specialized and highly competent teams will install your staircase in an impeccable and professional way.

Finishing options

We hold a very wide variety of dyeing colors in store. However, if none of them meets your needs, a customized color can be developed on special order. The various coatings we use in our factory and also recommend to our customers possess a great durability.


  • Planchers Bellefeuille offers factory-finishing, which guarantees a neat finish with no visible brush stroke. Factory finishing is standardized and uniform coating is ensured. In addition, factory-finishing prevents interference of dust residues while applying the various dye and coating applications. It also saves you the annoyance of varnish unpleasant smelll while it is applied. This option is our customers’ favorite because the color of the staircase perfectly matches that of the floors. Factory finish, however, demands that great care be taken to prevent damages to the staircase when installing it.

     On-site finishing

  • We also offer another option to our customers. To make for an absolutely perfect finish, we suggest that the staircase be dyed and coated on site, after it has been installed. While installing the staircase is thereby made easier, dye and varnish smells are however unavoidable. In addition, this option forbids immediate use of the staircase as drying times are to be strictly respected.

     Oil finishing

  • Planchers Bellefeuille also has oil finishing specialized teams. This finish is mainly selected when hardwood floors are oil-finished as well.
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