Vinyl floor collection

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Project Description

Vinyl floor

Vinyl Floor a excellent alternative !

Vinyl floor are sought after not only due to their distinguished and elegant aspect, but also because of their waterproof characteristics. These floors are extremely durable. Vinyl floor are made of 100% extremely strong plastic, which makes them scratch-resistant: vinyl floors will not become brittle with time.

We offer a very large selection of vinyl floors. The finish, color, thickness and dimensions range is very wide, and finding a match for your decoration will be an easy task with vinyl floor.

This type of floor is usually installed in a floating manner but it can also be glued, depending on the model selected. In case of water damage, a floating installation will permit you to simply disassemble the floor, let it dry completely, and then just reassemble it. A vinyl floor is therefore the ideal option for rooms exposed to high or fluctuating humidity levels such as basements and bathrooms

  • 100% waterproof
  • Extremely durable, scratch-resistant
  • Perfect for humid areas: basement, bathroom and laundry room
  • Easy to install and maintain