Floor Installation

Floors are of course and essential part of a home decoration. Incorrect installation can cause several problems. Planchers Bellefeuille has therefore been offering professional floor installation services for many years. Our expert teams will take the greatest care in installing your floors.

Staircase Installation

Installing a staircase is an art and requires a great expertise. Therefore, Planchers Bellefeuille has now been offering this service for several years. Installing a staircase may seem very simple, but reality is quite different. Calculations and cuts demand a lot of precision and require the greatest care on the part of the installer. Our certified installers know how to give your staircase its deserved majesty.

Cladding Installation

Exterior cladding is the first aspect of a house that is generally first seen. Proper installation by our expert teams is in order. Only time can give our installers the experience they have.

Exterior Cladding Maintenance

The beauty of exterior wood cladding is second to none. However, because wood is a living material, the final coating that has been applied on it will fade as years go by. Performed at the right time and varying depending on the cladding type and finish, a light maintenance will preserve the original aspect of our wall claddings. Our expert teams will always know how to rejuvenate your wood cladding and protect them against weather and elements.

Plan Calculation

Our team of experts provide precise answers to bid requests on various projects and will be able to calculate your plans with the greatest accuracy. We will be happy to measure the necessary quantities for your floors, staircases or cladding and to submit an appropriate bid to you.

On-Site Measurement

Upon converting a submission into an order, a site visit is sometimes necessary to confirm certain measures. Whether for your floors, staircases or exterior cladding, we can perform on-site measurement to finalize the order.